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Yoga Teacher, Organic Farmer, Life Coach and Constellations Facilitator - John O'Dwyer encourages people in a warm, compassionate and fun way to get back in touch with their life energy, drive and purpose.

John specializes in coaching people who have been through a major challenge in their lives such as illness or trauma which has left them questioning what life is all about, who they are and what their place is in the world.  He calls this 'Second Life Coaching' for those who feel they have been given a second chance at life and want to make the most of it!

Using systemic constellations and shamanic healing in a ritual context, John supports people through a process of transformation, removing the blocks that are holding them back in their day to day lives.  He is currently taking his training to the next level in the Czech Republic.     


John came to yoga more than ten years ago seeking to resolve health challenges and injuries from his physically demanding job farming, and also playing rugby and mountain-biking.  Although skeptical, he went along to his first class with an open mind, and the knowledge that yoga had a great reputation for improving strength and flexibility.  The benefits that John has received from yoga and meditation are many-fold and he has made it his mission to spread the good word of yoga!  He has found the simplicity and effectiveness of Viniyoga to be beneficial to all. 

John trained in Viniyoga with Sadhana Mala, and worked with others at the leading edge of yoga including Bill Wood and Sama Fabian.  He is registered with the British Wheel of Yoga and Associated Yoga Studies.

Living on the land in synch with the seasons and the cycle of life are very important to him.  He attributes his calm and level-headed attitude to life to the fact that he is a peasant at heart which keeps his feet firmly on the ground.  He loves to spend his days chopping wood, making hay and playing with his three dogs - and he will tell you that these are the best meditations! 

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