Private Tuition

One to One sessions with John are available for anyone who would like to deepen their home yoga practice or work on a specific area of their lives, such as improved health or increased fitness and flexibility for sports people.  We will discuss your challenges and what you need to incorporate in a yoga practice for maximum benefit to you.   We will develop a personalised plan for you to take home.

£40 per session

We have found that one session is not quite enough to for most people so we are pleased to offer a course of three sessions for £95. Following sessions can also be pre-booked in this way.

First session will last approximately 1.5 hours with following sessions 1 hour.

Venue: Treatment rooms at the Little Shop of Calm, Cowbridge.

Contact John to book dates,  and inquiries whether this would be a better option for you than group classes and to chat about your challenges and desires.

Bow Posture