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Pancha Maya Kosha brought to life                                Two Day Non-Residential Workshop      

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st August 2014 - 10.00am to 6.00pm

This two day workshop has been designed to explore the Pancha Maya Kosha, an ancient yogic philosophy, and bring it to life so we can apply it to our own personal journeys.

Do you find it challenging to sustain a regular yoga practice or health regime?

Is your energy easily lost or scattered so you can’t seem to achieve anything? 

The Pancha Maya Kosha teaches us that there are five layers to our being, like Russian Dolls – our body, energy, mind, wisdom and emotion.

5 Layers of our being - like Russian Dolls

When these parts of ourselves are out of balance, we can experience illness and disease; low energy or lack of drive; negative thinking, difficulty processing and confusion; disconnection from our inner guidance system, wisdom and truth; and a lack of peace, joy and love in our lives – never really being happy where we are.     

If you would like to be motivated and in harmony, with a focused energy, this is an opportunity to learn how the concepts of yoga can help you get the most out of your everyday life.  

This workshop will bring the Pancha Maya Kosha to life, enabling you to see the five levels of your being from a personal perspective.  There will be an opportunity for you to remove energy blocks and bring these parts of yourself into harmony, allowing you to be more in synch with yourself in your day to day life.  Creating balance, alignment and flow between the kosha’s, reconnects us to the deeper levels of ourselves, giving us insights and allowing us to live in our flow.    

We will . . .

-      use systemic constellations to work with the five aspects of ourselves;

-      practice yoga and chant to bring us back into our bodies and embody this work;

-      raise our energy and increase our vibration;

-      learn to use our intuition and deeper sense of knowing; and

-      work as a group, supporting each other through this process.

Each participant will receive their own personal constellation which will show any energetic blocks within their Pancha Maya Kosha and allow them to release these blocks.

John and Rebecca O’Dwyer are Mind Body Spirit Coaches and Constellations Facilitators, who use transformational coaching tools, systemic constellations and shamanic ritual in a ceremonial context to guide and support people into a new way of being. 

John is a viniyoga teacher who specialises in guided yoga practices, powerful meditations and visualisations to promote spiritual growth. 

Rebecca works with the healing power of sound combined with self-inquiry.  She is an inspirational speaker, laughter yoga leader and animal healing intuitive.

This unique way of working brings an ancient yogic concept into the here and now, so we can experience it in our lives in the present moment.  It merges yoga practice and philosophy with personal growth and development, giving us a deeper understanding of ourselves.  With a greater knowledge of who we are, we can step forward with confidence.  

You will leave us with a deeper understanding of the Pancha Maya Kosha, having developed a one to one relationship with your own Kosha’s, bringing more life into your yoga and more yoga into your life.

Participants will be given access to the Centred Life Inner Circle Facebook group where they can share and get support.

For more details contact us at . . . or

07974 001194 (Rebecca)
07817 786087 (John)

The investment - £150 or £120 Early Bird (booking before 31st July 2014)

Tea, coffee and healthy sweet treats will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch.

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